Gluten Free - Take & Bake

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Bagels Arrive Pre-Boiled, Par Baked, and Ready to Toast!

These gluten-free bagels are soft, chewy, and slightly dense, just like a good bagel should be, and they’re not gummy or crumbly, just perfectly crisp and light! You’ll be asking yourself if they truly are gluten-free — they are! Be sure to add on Pop’s homemade cultured buttermilk cream cheese or vegan cream cheese made with cashews and cultured coconut milk!

The secret to a great bagel comes down to two major factors — freshness and the quality of ingredients — and Pop’s Bagels hits it out of the park on both fronts with bagels made with just a handful of high-quality ingredients: flour, yeast, local water, and organic barley malt and shipped raw and frozen. Founded as a catering operation in 2017 by Zach Liporace in order to ensure that his bagels are always enjoyed fresh out of the oven, Pop’s has changed the Los Angeles bagel game, one (small) bake-at-home batch at a time.

Pop’s Gluten Free Bagels are gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and vegan.